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Getting Started on my next flash :3

2008-10-12 10:00:58 by NekoFluff

Its going to be the comedy aspect on the pokemon Plusle and Minun, i think it will be done by friday so i hope that people like it. i got the idea from a web comic i found so creddit will go to the artist, im basicly making a comic into a flash so lets see how it go's :3


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2008-10-18 18:37:49

Hi. =3

Yeah, I'd really like to see the Pokemon one, and thanks alot for PMing me. ^^


2008-10-19 14:58:40

Your my new best friend :3


2008-10-19 19:39:04

I just now watched it, and I think it's adorable! :3


2008-10-19 20:22:04

Lol I just watched it. it was great! Keep making more!


2008-10-19 20:22:13

Love your 2 flashes. Make more like them! ^ ^


2008-10-19 20:29:08

Haha, that's hilarious... XD

Although a bit vulgar for Pokemon, it will be the first GOOD parody of it, lol.


2008-10-19 20:46:47

You really have a gift, keep it up.


2008-10-19 21:00:49

it's gonna get a sweet reward, that's how it's gonna go! seriously... look at that bitchen score!


2008-10-19 22:11:52

It was great (and funny)! I gave you a 10 on the review and 5 on the flash. Hope to see more from you!


2008-10-20 16:13:52

Man surprised nobody has commented yet, but anyway, dude congrates on your vid, i thought youd be an up and comming artist by the looks of you last one, but i misunderstood, you came back with a bang, Pokemon:plusle was well amazing, i lawld as soon as i saw the other plusle i was like oh i see were this was going, but it was funny to see it animated. So anyway just wanna say great job, you got a 5/5 and a addition to my favorites.Thanks for readin



2008-10-20 19:53:40

Lol i just saw it x3
i also saw the comic before
nice work xD


2008-10-21 14:16:30

Dude! there must be something wrong! Your submisson got blammed!!!!!
But the score was at 4.20!