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Pokemon: plusle

2008-10-21 15:03:51 by NekoFluff

Sorry to all that loved this flash, but it has been deleted. but for good reason, I had a comic version of the flash I made, but did not know who it was done by, after I posted it I found out so credited them, they later asked me to delete the flash, and I said I didn't know if this was the real author of the comic. It turns out it was and he was annoyed at me for not asking his permission for making this flash. I'm very sorry to Andrew Dickman and will be more original with my posts. Or just ask people if they mid me making a flash version ha-ha...anyways I'm sorry to him and I'm sorry to you guys.


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2008-10-21 16:32:21

I don't see what the Big Deal is...

for one thing...this so called "owner" of the comic does not own Pokemon.

This is a perfect example of freedom of speech and the rights to parody making.
You made the effort to give credit to the origional artist who made a "parody" comic.

What right does he have to tell you to "ask" permission for work that isn't his to begin with?

Do you know how many "parodies" of original flashes there are here on Newgrounds?

Neurotically Yours, Tankmen, Pico Day... did the did the animation...and it's a "TRIBUTE" to work that you appreciate.

It's called FAN-ART....and not even the original creator of Pokemon or the Comic strip has any right to tell you to remove it.

You did it because you wanted to express your artistic abilities...and not to make a profit (which you weren't!)

Not only does your work promote Andrew Dickman...but it also promotes Pokemon.

Making Parodies off of Parodies is perfectly legal and you at least did all that hard work to credit the origional artist.

Do you understand my point?

There are numerous examples not just on Newgrounds...

Powerpuff Girls Doujin Fighting Game here on Newgrounds was created by Bleedman from Snafu Comics. /301661

Bleedman does not Own PPG...

Much Like how Andrew does not Own Pokemon...


And Andrew is being a total DICK for thinking he has the right to TELL you what to do with YOUR Fan Work in tribute to HIM.

Ask anyone, maybe even Tom Fulp can see this to be true...he'll explain it to you.

You have every right to post WHATEVER you want here on Newgrounds. EVERYONE.

And what makes your situation that YOU gave credit to the original artist.

But I never thought that the artist would be such a Dick.


2008-10-21 16:38:34

i agree with JakBaronKing, in a way, but it was nice of you to take it off considering. I'm sure someone with such a talent as yourself will have no problem thinking of an original idea though. Just don't start with putting the letter B on one slide and posting it >_> Keep on truck'n mate.


2008-10-21 16:39:08

You may or may not recall a simular "slander" statements against JonBro

Who created parodies cameos of Egoraptor and a parody of PowerStar

Ask JonBro...he'll shed some light on your situation...

Whoever this Andrew Dickman is...he should feel "honored" that someone would make a parody of his parody...

But he has no right to tell you NOT to post it.
Not unless it was "original" work that does not belong to any one else.
He doesn't own he had better BACK OFF.

Such Asinine People these days...sheesh! >:(


2008-10-21 16:47:35

A daily first, man! Should've ignored him as he doesnt own the copyright of Pokemon.


2008-10-21 17:16:32

well that´s not fair o_o i think if someone makes a flash about a comic it is more like a tribute to the creator, i don´t understand why the "owner" of the comic got mad -_-

it is sad because it was a daily feature T_T

oh well ... you´re still a great animator and i hope you keep submitting your work here n_n

don´t give up!!


2008-10-21 17:22:31

Aww... that sucks... It was on my favs too... well you could put it on another site? That would be awesome!


2008-10-21 18:20:35

I really liked that flash. :(


2008-10-21 19:41:37

Thats a mockery. You made the flash, you just got inspiration from the comic, does that make it his property? No. People get inspiration from things and make it their own. I completely agree with JakBaronKing, you have the right to make anything you want, hence the quote "Everything, By Everyone". You should speak with the Fulp because thats just idiotic.


2008-10-21 20:07:43

Keh. I liked that flash too. I say you re-post it on here, 'cause unless you can get sued/banned, who cares what they say?


2008-10-21 20:44:42

He's a fag. He should have been flattered that someone loved his work enough to animate it and that a bunch of people on Newgrounds loved it enough for the animation to get daily first.

you shouldn't apologize, you were more than nice enough just for deleting the animation and he damn well better be grateful for that


2008-10-21 21:20:26

but it was so funny! post it on Youtube and credit him! its not fair a flash like that going to waist.... it was the second best flash for the week AND had daily feature! what the hell Andrew Dickman i hate u :p


2008-10-21 21:22:22

Nvm my last post because I didn't read that THE CREATOR OF THE COMIC was the one who told you to delete it (hehe, sry ^^'). In my opinion his idea wasn't really copyright. When you saw the first "Mario Vs. Sonic" EVERYONE joined in and made their own! Pokemon is the only copyrighted thing in your whole cartoon so you should just tell him that It was just inspiration and he doesn't own the rights to your cartoon, even though he made the comic. After all, you animated it and it belongs to you! Hope this convinces you to re-upload it. ^^


2008-10-22 07:11:32

Awww I thought it was a really fun flash too. The comic maker must be pretty lame to basically turn down what I would deem the best free advertising for his comic he'll ever get.


2008-10-22 17:10:01

Someone ripped off your idea: /465937


2008-10-22 17:16:08

yeah and it can stay up until the author of that comic learns to accept all the positives of having your flash up and like it.


2009-03-14 20:20:42

As much as I hate to say it, copyright laws are copyright laws.


Even if they ARE annoying.