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Entry #3

Its back up guys!

2008-10-22 18:49:21 by NekoFluff

Pokemon: Plusle is back up! with permission this time! :D yay! So yeh! enjoy!


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2008-10-22 19:22:46

Awesome! I love that flash!


2008-10-22 19:29:51

This might be the first flash to get daily 1st twice... haha, good luck with that, and congrats on being allowed to upload your own flash XD


2008-10-22 19:59:06

alright nice to see its back


2008-10-22 20:12:06

CONGRATULATION! YOU WIN THE INTERNET! No really, that's awesome! ^^


2008-10-22 20:55:22

Good for you ^_^

What happened?


2008-10-22 21:15:43

I had a feeling that this was just anger at the not asking permission, its an extremely silly thing but it does come over us sometimes were we get angry at somthing that would normally make us estatic just because it surprised us


2008-10-22 22:33:22

You didn't really need permission if its your flash you just have to give credit to the guy who made the comic.


2008-10-23 01:13:07

yeah like I said, once andy calmed down and realized that he would normally love to see his comics animated he realized how silly it was to demand that it be deleted

this is just my guess but I've seen this sort of thing many times before for some reason we get mad when people do without our permission somthing that we would have eagerly and quickly said "yes" to if they had asked permission

its just one of those quirks of human nature I guess

also check out the well established authors going out of thier way to call out your submission for basically everything you said and admitted to

I especially lol'd at the guy who basically did the same thing, he animated a scene from castle crashers and thinks he has grounds to call you out for this


2008-10-23 06:10:41

Kind of a shame that it's going to have lower scores now due to not being front paged.


2008-10-23 20:51:28

Too bad ya only got 3rd this time. D=


2008-10-24 00:34:06

Im really glad its back, I was shocked to see it out of my favorites but now its safe.

What was the title for the Music?


2008-10-24 10:49:00

Because of this flash they are now my favorite pokemon lol.


2008-12-05 18:40:13

that was cute. i`m favoriting it. :3


2008-12-06 21:34:16

What is back up?Explain.


2008-12-11 19:36:16

Great flash.
nice job.


2009-07-02 05:00:13

cute flashes made by a cute guy <3 good job hope you make more one day