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Its back up guys!

2008-10-22 18:49:21 by NekoFluff

Pokemon: Plusle is back up! with permission this time! :D yay! So yeh! enjoy!

Pokemon: plusle

2008-10-21 15:03:51 by NekoFluff

Sorry to all that loved this flash, but it has been deleted. but for good reason, I had a comic version of the flash I made, but did not know who it was done by, after I posted it I found out so credited them, they later asked me to delete the flash, and I said I didn't know if this was the real author of the comic. It turns out it was and he was annoyed at me for not asking his permission for making this flash. I'm very sorry to Andrew Dickman and will be more original with my posts. Or just ask people if they mid me making a flash version ha-ha...anyways I'm sorry to him and I'm sorry to you guys.

Its going to be the comedy aspect on the pokemon Plusle and Minun, i think it will be done by friday so i hope that people like it. i got the idea from a web comic i found so creddit will go to the artist, im basicly making a comic into a flash so lets see how it go's :3